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On January 14, 1953, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan dedicated CSIR-CECRI as the 12th national laboratory under the CSIR to the nation. Today, CSIR-CECRI, a proud family of 700 members (120 of whom are scientists), is the largest research establishment for electrochemistry in South Asia.

It serves as a launching pad for a multitude of technologies for the Indian electrochemical industry.

In living up to its reason for being, the institute works on a gamut of problems covering all facets of Electrochemical Science and Technology,Corrosion Science and Engineering, Electrochemical Materials Science. Electrochemical Power Sources, Electrochemical Pollution Control, Fundamental Electro Chemistry, Electro metallurgy, Industrial Metal Finishing and Nanoscale Electrochemistry.

Since 1991, the technical symposium, Seminar on Electrochemical and Chemical Technology (SELECT) was being conducted every year with an objective to foster awareness and exploring attitude among the student community to achieve breakthroughs on various aspects of Electrochemistry and other fields of engineering.


Initiative for a National Technical & Research Symposium on Electrochemical and Chemical Technology (INTERSECT) is a national level technical symposium and cultural fest organized by Electrochemical Technologists Association (ETA) functioning under the aegis of CSIR-CECRI, Karaikudi.

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